Career Profile: Become a "Top Chef" in Phoenix

Career Profile: Become a "Top Chef" in Phoenix

Culinary arts colleges and career schools in Phoenix immerse students in the culinary world -- where, working alongside professional instructors, essential technical skills are learned and applied to the preparation of any type of cuisine. A career in culinary training will prepare any student for a variety of roles in the food service and hospitality industry.

Working as a Chef

The job of chefs is the same in nearly every restaurant, regardless of location. Chefs and cooks prepare, cook, season, and arrange a variety of foods served in restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and other food-serving establishments.

Executive chefs, head cooks, and chefs de cuisine, are primarily responsible for coordinating the work of the cooks and directing the preparation of meals. Executive chefs are in charge of all food service operations and also may supervise several kitchens of a hotel, restaurant or corporate dining operation. A sous chef, or sub chef, is the second-in-command and runs the kitchen in the absence of the chef. Many chefs earn fame both for themselves and for their kitchens because of the quality and distinctive nature of the food they serve.

Training and Education

Most top chefs pursue formal training through culinary institutions or vocational programs in the culinary arts, culinary management, or pasty arts. Many programs include an externship or apprenticeship opportunity. Though many cooks and food preparation workers leave the industry, some may go on to cooking school to have more formal training and increased responsibility.

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